Video On Demand

Our exercise database wouldn’t be as complete, rich, and accurate without the collaboration of our worldwide clients, inexhaustible energy of Laurie Edge-Hughes, and video production team. In fact, if you need specific exercises that are not yet included on our Four Leg  Exercise database, simply let us know. Your request will be produced as soon as physically possible! Our goal is to deliver special requests within 2 weeks. This exceptional service is inspired from manufacturing methods that have been developed to better serve clients... Our goal is always to help you help your patients recover faster, as well as helping you save time and focussing on treating patients.

Exercise Samples

There are more than 200 exercises available with the Four Leg Exercise Program. Four Leg Exercise  covers a wide range of specialties. Click on each speciality title to see exercise samples.

Written Instructions

These advisements are a listing of commonly receited advice that may pertain to a safe home environment or general management of the pet, such non-slip flooring, use of a harness, application of hot or cold, or blocking off the stairs, and more!