Home Exercise Program

Quickly build home exercise programs by choosing from a large and accurate data base. Print programs and send them by email.

Video Exercises

Each exercise includes an online video clip that patients can view at their convenience on smartphones and electronic tablets for a better understanding of the movements and to be in compliance with their HEP.

  Video Home Exercise Program

With Four Leg Exercise, patients have access to their home exercise programs online through their smart phone, electronic tablet or computer. It's easy for them to play the video of each exercise, see the number of sets and repetitions, as well as the written instructions in Spanish, English and French.

Printed HEP

Print home exercise programs by choosing from 8 different print formats to accommodate your client's needs. The handouts can be printed in color, black and white, or in line drawings.


Save programs as a PDF and attach these in your patient's file. This process is automatic if you use an EMR/HER software that is integrated with Four Leg Exercise / Physiotec. Click Here to see integrated products.

Physiotec's team is willing to link with any EMR software provider to facilitate saving patients HEP into the patient records.

If you don't chart electronically the Four Leg Exercise program will print a summary on one page.

The Team

Four Leg Exercise & Physiotec are passionate and dedicated in providing our constantly improving service. The support team provides live on-line training, quickly answers phone calls, and makes sure that all of our client's needs are met.

The IT team is constantly improving the interface to facilitate the use of the software for both therapists and patients.

Our exercise development team produces new exercises regularly to ensure the exercise you're looking for is available.


Since 1992 Laurie Edge-Hughes has been applying physical therapy knowledge and techniques to animal patients.  Exercises and therapies have been tried, tested, selected, and perfected over the decades, and new exercises are just a request or inspirational moment away! 

Drive Patients To Your Website

Easily host your patient's video home exercise programs on your clinic's website. Patient will view their HEP through your own website.